Our Goals

Psychic Jobs are available on PsychicLink.org, welcome. We are an experienced leader to reputable to Telephone Psychic Networks. We are dedicated to hiring experienced, dedicated psychics to fill exciting psychic jobs as telephone psychic counselors.

We promise our clients professional psychic advisors. Our network operates with integrity which is why our clients appreciate the quality psychic readings they receive from our talented psychic advisors. There are many sign up sites that have cropped up over the years that allow anyone to "join" just like they would join an ISP. This is why our clients value the work we put into screening for the right psychics. Therefore all applicants will undergo a test. This is super easy and delightful for the serious experienced professional.

Our Pay Rates

Our 1-800 telephone network offers great pay well above and beyond industry standards. For example, we offer yearly increases, bonus incentives every pay period, additional bonus compensation on holidays, and so much more.

All psychics are screened as customers are highly regarded. The network applies close to 2 decades industry experience. Due to the amount of applications received, our generous compensation is available for review in our contractual agreement which will be made available for review after passing our telephone testing. However we do provide yearly increases, holiday bonus', ongoing bonus' and much more to our wonderful staff. You must have a separate LAN line for the System Telephone line (no cell phones.


Application Process (Testing Prior to Hire)

Upon filing out the application, our coordinator will review it. It then proceeds to the testing department. From there the coordinators will email the applicants they are interested in for testing. The test is a one on one phone reading.  If the reading is a success a contract will be offered.  A successful test means that the applicant was accurate, professional, demonstrate knowledge and just did a great job - its that simple. 

How We Are Different

Our network doesnt use call averages as a determination for hiring or maintaining psychic staff.  Many other psychic networks require "hold times" and/or "call averages."  Those practices transported calls to the psychic with the highest average first. That is tragic as staffing should be based on talent. If one steps back and thinks about that practice one can concur that call average basically labels psychic readers with the highest talking skills over any skills. Would you hire a doctor based on capability or one that can keeping talking with you? This should be no different for psychics.  On our network our clients choose who they want a reading with.

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