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We recruit only qualified psychic readers who are skilled and knowledgeable in their craft. In doing so we expect a higher quality of service, as do our clients, who run high end psychic networks and have considerably higher expectations as far as performance is concerned.

We expect efficiency and professionalism from our readers.  Testing is important to us as we must have confidence and pride in our readers. Knowing we provide only the best readers, and knowing you can be proud of your work is worth the minimal amount of time it takes to ensure that only qualified applicants are put on the lines and sites we staff.

Finally we would like to make it crystal clear that we are not in any way associated with PRN or PRN-like companies, 1-900 telephone companies, Psychic Sign Up Now Sweatshops, nor are we associtated with adult companies.  We are a professional psychic network - period.   Click
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